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Technology Transfer

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All the action of INIA responds to the needs of technological innovation in the agricultural sector. For this reason, the Technology Transfer (T. T.), together with the research, is one of the two basic functions that the Institute develops.

Through Technology Transfer, INIA seeks to contribute to the competitiveness and social sustainability, economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture and of rural areas, through contributions to the process of technologies and alternative production.

That is, the research and technology transfer is meaningful only to the extent to which it can respond effectively to sectoral demands, generating validated knowledge and technologies that can be adapted by the agricultural sector with positive results.

To this end, a strategy based on the «territorial» concept has been established, defined as a unit of operation, with physiography characteristics, agroecological, defined economies and cultures, that conditions agricultural activity, confronts it with opportunities and threats, and shapes a particular way of doing agriculture. For this purpose 11 Territories from Arica to Punta Arenas have been defined.