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Food Research

The mission of INIA ́s National Food Program aims to generate and transfer knowledge in order to create innovation improve the competiveness of the food production sector, integrating innocuousness and food safety concepts.

General Objective

The objective of the program is to develop quality foods differentiated in nutritional, functional, and organoleptic composition through the use of processing technologies and genetic improvement to increase its value and competitiveness, integrating innocuousness and food safety concepts from the scientific and technological production.

Lines of Research

According to corporate strategic objectives, the National Food Program develops the following lines of research:

  1. Improvements in the quality and functionality of foods as well as their characteristics in order to undergo technological processes of development and preservation.
  2. Creation or adaptation of food processing technologies to use and enhance nutrients, functional compounds, and other quality attributes available in foods.
  3. Technology package for the production of quality foods with emphasis on innocuousness and food safety.
  4. Optimize the use of water, energy and raw materials in the agro industrial process minimizing waste and/or by- products finding alternative uses and recycling that add value.