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Crop Research

INIA´s National Crop Program focusses on the genetic improvement of crops and forages and of Crop Agronomy. It seeks to generate, adapt, and transfer knowledge and technology for the purposes of improving the overall production and quality of crops and forages for national producers, with an integral focus that considers environmental sustainability, profitability of production systems, and industry requirements for processing and healthy eating.

General Objective

With a holistic approach and according to the needs of the different agro ecological conditions of the country, INIA´s National Crop Program aims to create and adapt new varieties of crop and forages and develop technological packages for crops. The principal crops include wheat (including durum wheat), oats, rice, triticale, potatoes, and leguminous grain and oilseed. The main forages being worked on for genetic improvements include red clover, white clover, lotus, bromine, and perennial ryegrass.

Lines of Research and Development

  • Genetic improvements of crops and forages
  • Crop Agronomy
  • Integrated handling of plagues, illnesses, and weeds