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Environment and Sustainability

Based on quality scientific research, the mission of the National Environment and Sustainability Program is to produce knowledge that will contribute to improving sustainability of agricultural systems, thus obtaining high standard food products which are generated in production systems with low environmental impact and adapted to new climate change scenarios.

Main Objective

The objective of the program is to analyze environmental impact caused by Chilean agricultural activities and management of natural resources, and to propose technological adaptations and contribute to policy implementations in order to mitigate these effects and develop national agriculture with criteria of greater ecological and productive sustainability.

Lines of Research

This national program relies on the following lines of research:

  1. Agriculture and Climate Change
  2. Sustainable management of water resources
  3. Sustainable land management and use of organic waste
  4. Vegetable health for an Agriculture with reduced agrochemical usage
  5. Climate Risk Management
  6. Dynamic, behavior, and risk analysis of the use of agrochemicals