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Livestock Systems Program

Through quality scientific research, this National Program aims to create knowledge that contributes to the improvement and sustainability of the country’s livestock system to obtain foods with high standards and generated in production systems with a low impact on the environment.

General Objective

The objective of the program is to generate, adapt and perform studies of sustainable livestock production systems in the different agro ecological conditions of the country, by analyzing their composition in terms of forage base, animal type (sheep, cattle, goats, etc.) and quantity and quality of animal food products generated by them, as well as analyzing the systems from an economic, social and environmental point of view. The program must propose technological adaptations and contribute to the implementation of policies in the area of national production, with criteria of greater ecological and productive sustainability.

Lines of Research

This National Program relies on the following lines of research:

  1.  Animal Genetics and Reproduction
  2. Pasture, Nutrition and Animal Feed
  3. Animal Production Systems
  4. Quality of Livestock Products


Christian Hepp,