INIA Tamel Aike - Aysén Region

The INIA Tamel Aike Regional Research Center takes its name from the word Tehuelche which means “Place of Purity”. It exists within this range since 1994, when the old Aysén Experimental Substation was consolidated.

Tamel Aike has its area of influence in the ecosystems of the Aysén Region, corresponding to the so-called Western Patagonia of Chile. It is headquartered in the province of Coyhaique and has its experimental base 28 km to the South East of the city of Coyhaique, in the sector called Valle Simpson, within the Intermediate Zone of Aysén.

In 1995, a technical office was set up in Chile Chico to carry out research and development work in the General Carrera Lake basin in the fruit and vegetable sector, where projects are currently being developed in the field of fruit trees and micro-climate vegetables in cold areas.

INIA Tamel Aike has its main headquarters on a 201-hectare property, dedicated to various research and development activities in the agricultural and environmental field. This place has offices and facilities for the development of research and development projects, laboratories and physical, animal and plant resources. Finally, there is an Administrative Office in the city of Coyhaique.

  • Direction: Km 4,5 Camino Coyhaique Alto, Coyhaique. 
  • Telephone: (56-67) 2252320
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Regional Authorities

Regional Director
Hernán Felipe Elizalde Valenzuela
(56-67) 225 2320  

Regional Delegate
Maria Paz Martinez De Urquidi
(56-67) 225 2320

Regional Head of Administration and Finance (JAF)
Fabiola Carrasco Urrutia
(56-67) 225 2320

Regional Contacts

Regional Directorate Secretary
Bernadette Nahuelpan Nahuelpan
(56-67) 225 2320 

Regional Head of People Management
Sonia Pantanalli Rozas
(56-67) 225 2320 

Regional Head of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
Dagoberto Villarroel Torres
(56-67) 225 2320

Communications Manager
Maria Paz Martinez De Urquidi
(56-67) 225 2320

Head of the Parties Office
Bernadette Nahuelpan Nahuelpan
(56-67) 225 2320

Other Dependencies

Chile Chico Technical Office
Camino Matadero s / n, Chile Chico
(56-67) 241 1842 

In charge
Elmo Pacheco Pacheco 

Valle Simpson Estate:
Km 6 Camino Santa Elena
(56-67) 2237754

Cristian Fernandez Marin

Maritza Diaz Vasquez