INIA Remehue - Los Lagos Region and Los Ríos Region

Located 8 kilometers north of Osorno and since 2011 with a technical office located in the city of Valdivia, the Remehue Regional Center has a presence in both the Los Lagos and Los Ríos regions.

In turn depend on INIA Remehue, the INIA La Pampa Experimental Center, located in the vicinity of Purranque; he INIA Butalcura Experimental Center, located in the Dalcahue commune and a technical office in the city of Castro on the big island of Chiloé.

INIA Remehue directs its lines of research to the sustainable production of ruminant livestock systems and production in potato cultivation, while in the area of technological inputs it produces seeds of potatoes, cereals, forage and reproductive animals, and provides analysis services of soil, food and fodder. At the same time, it participates in three Technological Consortia: milk, potato and sheep, which promote local productive and economic development.

The research is supported by an important infrastructure of laboratories and greenhouses. In this center the central laboratory of INIA for Animal Nutrition and Environment is located, accredited by the Chilean Standard ISO 17.025, being in some analyzes the only one of its kind in the country.

INIA Remehue has a network of 18 Agrometeorological Stations, some of which keep records of the last three decades, providing relevant information for regional agriculture. These stations distributed in the Los Ríos y los Lagos Region are part of the INIA Agrometeorological Network, connected in real time and used to deliver information to producers and authorities, generate the Late Blight of the Potato forecast and other applications for tools. decision support. Data from the INIA Agrometeorological Network can be reviewed at

Regional Authorities

Regional Director
Sergio Iraira Higueras
(56-64) 233 4800

Regional Delegate
Ivette Acuña Bravo
(56-64) 233 4800

Technical Secretary Regional Director
Pilar Candia San Martin
(56-64) 233 4800

Regional Head of Administration and Finance (JAF)
Renato Vallejos Chavarría
(56-64) 233 4800

Regional Contacts

Regional Directorate Secretary
Maria Elena Ojeda Pailapichun
(56-64) 233 4800  

Regional Head of People Management
Elizabeth Guerrero Ibarra
(56-64) 233 4800

Regional Head of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
Pilar Candia San Martin
(56-64) 233 4800

Communications Manager
Luis Opazo Ruiz
(56-64) 233 4800

Party Office Manager
Ximena Vasquez Cea
(56-64) 233 4800

Other Dependencies

INIA La Pampa Experimental Center
Panamericana Sur km 950, Purranque
(56-64) 235 1470

Alejandro Daza Diaz

INIA Butalcura Experimental Field
Butalcura Alto, on the way to Chaquihual, 42 km from Castro
(56-64) 233 4800

Paulo Guarda Cañulef

INIA Castro Technical Office
O'Higgins 415-A, Of. 14, Castro
(56-65) 263 0656

Maria Isabel Barrientos Lefian