INIA Quilamapu - Biobío Region and Ñuble Region

Located in Chillán, the Quilamapu Regional Research Center stands as one of the largest in the country, welcoming 38 researchers who focus their activities on three guiding lines: Improvement and Genetic Resources; Emerging Technologies for Agriculture; and Sustainable Agriculture.

In its support to research, INIA Quilamapu has laboratories in Agroecology, Rice, Biotechnology, Chemical Ecology, Entomology, Phytopathology, Fruit Trees, Grain Legumes, Nematology, Genetic Resources, and Wheat.

It is also the headquarters of the National Laboratory of Soils and Plants INIA that receives and processes soil, compost and leaf samples from the south central zone of the country. It is also home to the Technological Center for Biological Control (CTCB), which conducts research on the control of agricultural and forest pests and diseases through chemical ecology, and the use of nematodes, entomopathogenic fungi, and predatory and parasitoid insects.

Important efforts have been made in the areas of Agricultural Transfer and Extension. It has 12 Technology Transfer Groups (GTT), conducting training and alliances with municipalities and companies.

In the area of technological inputs, it makes available to producers certified seeds, certified compost and entomopathogenic and parasitoid fungi for pest control.

  • Direction: Vicente Méndez Avenue 515, Chillán. See map
  • Telephone: (56) 42 220 6800
  • Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.
Regional Authorities

Regional Director
Rodrigo Aviles Rodriguez
(56-42) 220 6800

Regional Delegate
Fernando Mendoza Llanos placeholder image
(56-42) 220 6800  

Technical Secretary of Regional Director
Fernando Garrido Pincheira
(56-42) 220 6800  

Regional Head of Administration and Finance (JAF)
Fernando Mendoza Llanos placeholder image
(56-42) 220 6800

Regional Contacts

Regional Directorate Secretary
Susana Sobarzo Salamanca
(56-42) 220 6800

 Regional Head of People Management
Paula Torres Gonzalez
(56-42) 220 6800       

Regional Head of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
Fernando Garrido Pincheira
(56-42) 220 6800

Communications Manager
Hugo Rodriguez Alister
(56-42) 220 6800

Head of the Parties Office
Susana Sobarzo Salamanca
(56-42) 220 6800

Other Dependencies

INIA Humán Experimental Center
Camino Antuco km 8, Los Angeles
(56-42) 220 6790 - (56-42) 220 6791 

Christian Wolf S. 

Sonia Fernandez Palomino

San Carlos Rice Experimental Field
Km 2 road to Junquillo, San Carlos

Santa Rosa property
Road to Cato, km 20
(56-42) 297 2870 

Waldo Ortiz Sepulveda 

INIA Cañete Technical Office
President Eduardo Frei Avenue 198, Cañete 

In charge
Mario Saavedra Torres