INIA La Platina - Metropolitan Region

The La Platina Regional Research Center is one of the 10 Centers, owned by the Chilean Agricultural Research Institute (INIA), which is located in the RM, whose mission is to generate, adapt and transfer knowledge and technologies for development sustainable agricultural sector, especially vegetables and fruit trees in the central area of our country.

The La Platina Regional Research Center has more than 50 researchers; a modern laboratory infrastructure and the largest agricultural library in the country.

Owns the Los Tilos Experimental Center, located in Buin, dedicated mainly to the production of walnut trees, wheat seeds and table grapes.

The operating units correspond to R&D projects where Fruit and Vegetable Improvement has been defined as the center of specialized activity at La Platina, where biotechnology is a relevant tool. Along with this, research is being carried out on the management of pre and post harvest pests and diseases; analysis of maturity, quality and resistance in the transport of agricultural products; the efficient use of water for irrigation and analysis of pesticide residues.

Along with research, one of the two basic functions developed by the La Platina Regional Research Center is Technology Transfer, the objective of which is to contribute to the competitiveness and social, economic and environmental sustainability of the rural sector, making available to professionals, technicians, farmers, authorities and the general public, the technology and knowledge developed by INIA to improve their production systems.

For this reason, we invite you to visit our Center and come to INIA-La Platina where you will always find solutions according to your agricultural needs.

  • Direction: Santa Rosa 11610 - La Pintana - Santiago - Chile - ZIP 8831314  See map
  • Telephone: (56-2) 2577 9102
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Regional Authorities

Regional Director (i)
Emilio Ruz Jerez
(56-2) 2577 9100

 Regional Delegate
Bruno Defilippi Bruzzone           
(56-2) 2577 9100              

Technical Secretary of Regional Director
Daniel Morales Muñoz 
(56-2) 2577 9100

Regional Head of Administration and Finance (JAF)
Rodrigo Cerda Mendez
(56-2) 2577 9100

Regional Contacts

Regional Directorate Secretary
Viviana Sandoval Cordero
(56-2) 2577 9100

Regional Head of People Management
Aldo Pallero Galaz
(56-2) 2577 9100            

Regional Head of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
Daniel Morales Muñoz
(56-2) 2577 9100            

Communications Manager
Maria Jesus Espinoza Garrido
(56-2) 2577 9100              

Area Manager for Production and Technology Businesses
Paulina Pizarro Navarrete
(56-2) 2577 9100

Library Manager
Yoan Baez Tepper
(56-2) 2577 9100

Party Office Manager
Luis Guiñez Osses
(56-2) 2577 9100

Other Dependencies

INIA Los Tilos Experimental Center
Camino Los Guindos s / n, Buin
(56-2) 2577 1081

Field Chief
Gustavo Azócar Beroiza

Sandra Nuñez Vargas