INIA Carillanca - La Araucanía Region

INIA Carillanca - which in Mapudungun means green jewel - is located in the Araucanía Region. Its lines of research and development are based on genetic resources, molecular genetic improvement of plant species; quality and differentiation of meat and dairy products; new export alternatives (fruit trees, vegetables, potatoes, flowers), clean agriculture, environment and environmental resources, all of which are in line with the economic base of the area.

The property began its operation in March 1959, in the current commune of Vilcún, as South Experimental Station, former Santa Amalia farm, located in the vicinity of General López. In October 1964 it was renamed the Carillanca Experimental Station, under the administration of the Ministers of Agriculture Ruy Barbosa and the Minister of Public Works Ernesto Pinto. It had new buildings, laboratories and facilities for research land. As of 1994, it changed from an Experimental Center to a Research Center.

With 59 years of institutional life, Carillanca has stood out in the generation of new varieties of wheat, oats, triticale, forage, fruit trees, legumes, highly valued by farmers in the country and southern Chile.

  • Direction: km 10, Camino Cajón, Vilcún, Temuco. See map
  • Telephone: (56-45) 2297100
Regional Authorities

Regional Director

Elizabeth Kehr Mellado
(56-45) 229 7100  

Regional Delegate
Miguel Ellena Dellinger
(56-45) 229 7100  

Technical Secretary of the Regional Director
Alejandra Godoy Ibáñez
(56-45) 229 7100  

Regional Head of Administration and Finance (JAF)
Aldo Arriagada Rios
(56-45) 229 7100

Regional Contacts

Regional Directorate Secretary
Susana Vergara Román (i)
(56-45) 229 7100

Regional Head of People Management
Jennifer San Martin Zúñiga
(56-45) 229 7100

Regional Head of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
Alejandra Godoy Ibáñez
(56-45) 229 7100

Communications Manager
Lilian Avendaño Fuentes
(56-45) 229 7100  

South Zone Manager Production and Technology Business
Roberto Espinoza Guarda
(56-45) 229 7100  

Library Manager
Maria Cecilia Inostroza Delgado
(56-45) 229 7100

Party Office Manager
Ricardo Valdebenito Martinez
(56-45) 229 7100

Other Dependencies

Regional Potato Center, Tranapuente-Carahue
Puyangue Road, Tirúa km 1, Carahue commune

In charge
Patricio Mendez Leal

Administrative Accounting Secretary
Luis Pérez Daine