Food for Chile

INIA develops traditional raw materials for the production of food that we find daily on the table of Chileans (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, etc.). Today, faced with global challenges and market trends, we work to make these foods safer, specialized, differentiated with functional characteristics and added value, in direct collaboration with the private sector.

Agroclimatic Bulletins

The Monthly Agroclimatic Bulletin is a commitment that the institution has with the Undersecretariat of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile. On a monthly basis, an evaluation is made of the state of the vegetation of the area through satellite indices.

Biological Controllers

Learn about the production and use of natural enemies, to generate a more sustainable and innocuous agriculture.

Potato interactive manual

The objective of this Interactive Potato INIA Manual is to serve as a technical support tool for all actors in the production chain.

Production Guidelines and Manuals

These production manuals and check-up guidelines were drawn up within the framework of the collaboration agreement between INIA and INDAP, for the execution of a program of support and strengthening of technical experts.


Download PDF presentations that our researchers have made in different seminars.


Other publications generated by the Institute of Agricultural Research.


Other publications generated by the Institute of Agricultural Research.

Tierra Adentro Magazine

With a registered trademark, this magazine delivers the main technological innovations and solutions for today's agricultural sector.

Chilean JAR

"Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research" is a scientific journal of the Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias that is published quarterly.