The guardians of the Chilean Table


The Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA) this August 17, 2017 made the second version of the Prize for Intellectual Property: "The Guardians of the Chilean Table", with the aim of highlighting the researchers of this institution, for their contributions to the country and science through research projects, protection of technologies or commercial development of technologies.

Research projects

Natural pigments for industry.

PhD. Agronomist María Teresa Pino.

Researcher INIA La Platina.

Coordinator of the National Food Program of INIA.

Research projects

Biological formulations for the control of Lobesia botrana.

Ing. Biotechnology Eduardo Tapia R.

PhD. Researcher INIA La Platina.

Research projects

Applications of microorganisms in agriculture and health areas.

Ing. Civil Industrial Lorena Barra B.

Mg. INIA Quilamapu Researcher.

Agronomist Andrés France I.

PhD. INIA Quilamapu researcher.

Research projects

Development of varieties of quinoa.

Agronomist Christian Alfaro J.

PhD Researcher INIA Rayentué.

Technology Protection

For his contribution to the development of new sheep breeds: Patagonian Robertson Merino and Kunko.

Agronomist Rodrigo de la Barra A.

PhD Researcher INIA Remehue.

Technology Protection

For his contribution in the development of a robotic device for harvesting fruits.

Agronomist Stanley Best S.

PhD Researcher INIA Quilamapu.