Mikel Zulueta, Felipe Gálvez, Celsor Campos and Cristian Sierra, prepared exquisite dishes with beef from Novillo de Osorno, Leche de Praderas and Lamb Künko.

Los Lagos Region, June 12, 2020.- The taste of typical products, which are a hallmark of the Los Lagos Region, reached the kitchens of prominent national chefs to diversify their gastronomic offer and guide those who are starting out as cooks in times of pandemic, searching the internet for proven recipes.

“As the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Government we wanted to make a contribution in this regard and, therefore, we asked four prominent chefs in our country to prepare recipes with products from the Los Lagos Region that are applying for a Seal of Origin, such as Osorno steer, Prairie Milk and Künko Lamb, preparations that are available on YouTube for those who wish to venture into the kitchen ”, explained the Seremi of Agriculture (s), Klaus Kosiel.

The agricultural authority reported that these recipes were made as part of the activities of the "Training and valorization of agricultural products" program, executed by the Seremi of Agriculture and the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), with financing from the Regional Government of Los Lakes.

Chef Mikel Zulueta, host of programs such as “De Cuchara” and “Cocina sin Fronteras” on channel 13C and face in previous seasons of C13's “Recommend Chile”, prepared a veto loin of Novillo de Osorno with mashed potatoes made with Leche de Praderas .

Meanwhile, Felipe Gálvez Comandini, known as “Doctor Pichangas”, who currently participates in the section La Cocina del Doctor Pichangas in Sabingo (CHV), decided in quarantine times to innovate with typical southern products, preparations that he posted to his accounts of Instagram and Facebook, which were applauded by his followers. On this occasion, his recipe was a Künko lamb in the pot. "We put the meat in a clay pot, with vegetables and red wine, to take advantage of all the flavor of this regional product from the coastal area of the provinces of Osorno and Llanquihue," said the radio and TV gastronomic panelist.

Another bet was that of Celsor Campos, an expert grill and winner of several national and international competitions in beef, lamb, pork, fish and vegetarian grilled dishes, who opted for a silver plated braised with Novillo de Osorno meat, highlighting the characteristics healthy of this meat produced on the basis of pastures in the south of Chile.

Finally, Cristian Sierra, chef at Sierra Restaurante -who for years led the kitchen of the Boragó restaurant, number 26 in the world on the 50 Best list and one of the best in Latin America- prepared an osobuco de Novillo de Osorno with cauliflower puree made with Prairie Milk. "The meat was very soft and tasty, it is a luxury to cook with products as noble and with healthy properties as the Novillo de Osorno and the Leche de Praderas", said the chef.
Chef Mikel Zulueta recipe: Veted beef loin from Osorno with puree, INIA Remehue

Chef Felipe Gálvez recipe: Lamb Künko in the pot, INIA Remehue

Chef Celsor Campos Recipe: Braised Silver Plated with Novillo de Osorno meat, INIA Remehue

Chef Cristian Sierra Recipe: Osobuco de Novillo de Osorno with cauliflower puree, INIA Remehue

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