Under the modality of the Technological Transfer Group (GGT), the agricultural extension work is continued for 13 vegetable producers, who under the auspices of the Territorial Program of the Institute of Agricultural Research INIA, managed to move from conventional agriculture to agroecological production.

The formation of this GTT, of sustainable producers of Pichidegua, was carried out last March and is made up of 13 producers belonging to the Local Development Program (Prodesal) of the mentioned commune. According to the agronomist engineer, from INIA Rayentué,

Male and female male and female farmers were very enthusiastic about learning the use of new digital technologies.

Bárbara Vega, GTT coordinator, "this new work instance aims to improve the profitability and production of vegetables, through the incorporation of different agroecological alternatives, focused on developing a sustainable production, friendly to the environment and harmless to health of people".

Given the health contingency, outreach work to producers is being carried out online, for which the members of the group were trained in the use of digital technologies and the internet. Training that was put to the test, with very good results, on May 13, just past, when, through the Meet platform, the first virtual meeting for planning and validation of the 2020 work plan was held, which was presented by Bárbara Vega, Coordinator of the GTT.

Regarding the continuity of work in online modality, the regional director of INIA Rayentué, Sofía Felmer, indicated: “For us as INIA, it is very important to continue transferring technologies and this modality is a good alternative, in the midst of social isolation, to transfer knowledge, which improves the development possibilities of the farmers of this GTT, in an area as important as the production of vegetables with agroecological management ”, stated the regional authority.