With an investment of more than 6 billion pesos, the Regional Government of La Araucanía will support the development of three valuable programs, awarded by the INIA Carillanca Research Center as of 2020, and which will be extended for 8 years. The initiatives come to reinforce and promote the Araucanía Impulse Plan, in the field of productive development and innovation for competitiveness. This was announced by the Regional Director of INIA, Elizabeth Kehr.

These are the programs "Development of Fruit Innovation Poles" in charge of researcher Miguel Ellena and with a GORE contribution of 4,073 million pesos. This seeks to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the productive systems of small farmers in La Araucanía, with the purpose of carrying out R & D & I, generating new technologies, validating them and transferring them to farmers and technicians in the region, in order to sustain the implementation and management of highly intensive fruit orchards. In this context, validation units will be established in the Angol-Renaico, Traiguén, Temuco cordillera, Temuco costa, and Loncoche territories.

The second program aims at the "Patrimonial rescue and enhancement of fruit species with cultural relevance", in charge of the researcher Arturo Morales, with a GORE contribution of 808 million pesos. The aim here is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the productive units of farmers in the region, with the purpose of encouraging the rescue and enhancement of native fruit species.

The latest initiative is aimed at the "Competitive insertion of small and medium farmers of La Araucanía in the agro-industrial and export markets", for an amount of 1 906 million pesos in charge of the agronomist Carlos Fuentes. The objective of the program is to contribute and increase the competitiveness of the productive units of farmers in the region, in order to provide business management skills to organizations, improving their capacities for business development, in addition to delivering strategies for marketing and articulation with the industry. In this context, associative administration and management capacities will be developed, technology transfer will be carried out for fruit production and support for linking with markets.

“For INIA, the execution of these programs is an important challenge, since we are aware that the competitiveness of a country and the productive advance of the regions depend on the capacity of its industry to innovate and improve. If farmers decide to innovate, they obtain competitive advantages, because innovation in agriculture generates benefits that change the lives of farmers by adapting to new markets. As an institution we are convinced that southern agriculture has enormous potential, and through these initiatives we will reduce gaps and open new perspectives for southern agriculture ”, said Elizabeth Kehr, Regional Director of INIA Carillanca.

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