Ceremony was held in Cañete and was led by the National Director of INIA. Recognition of farmers is achieved within the framework of the project "Increase in the productivity of the cultivation of papa ”that INIA Quilamapu executes, with the support of the Biobío Regional Government and the lagged areas program.

Pedro Bustos, INIA national director and Omar Valenzuela, award-winning producer.

The seven paper producers in the Arauco province who were recognized by the SAG as producers of certified potato seeds during the 2018-2019 season will multiply their income by up to four times.

These are three producers from Prodesal Los Álamos, a farmer from Prodesal Arauco, one from the Juanico Antinao community, one from GTT INIA Papas Cañete and one from GTT INIA Papas Tirúa, all of whom changed the traditional production of potatoes for consumption, for the exclusive production of certified potato seeds, which gives rise to disease-free potatoes, a fundamental aspect for the planting and production of good quality potatoes.

The producers agreed to the recognition of certified seed producers after acquiring phytosanitary technical knowledge, which was later applied on their own farms.

Paper producers of the province of Arauco.

The ceremony of recognition and delivery of galvanos was presided over by the National Director of INIA, Pedro Bustos, and also counted on the presence of the Biobío agricultural seremi, Francisco Lagos, the mayor of Cañete, Jorge Radonich, the deputy Iván Norambuena and the Regional Director of INIA Quilamapu, Rodrigo Avilés.

During the activity, the National Director of INIA highlighted the importance of obtaining SAG certification, since it is about “productive development”. Bustos explained that the producer will no longer produce the traditional potato for consumption, but certified potato seed, which gives it added value and guarantees that its buyers will have a product with high potential, free of viruses and diseases.

The INIA manager clarified that "the difference between ordinary seed and certified seed is abysmal, since farmers obtain around 15 to 20 tons per hectare with ordinary seed, while with certified seed they can reach up to 70 tons per hectare" . Pedro Bustos indicated that with this "a win-win relationship is entered, where the certified seed farmer wins, the producers who sow that seed win, and the consumers win by having very good quality potatoes."

Francisco Lagos, Biobío agriculture minister, and Víctor Antileo, award-winning producer.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Cañete, Jorge Radonich, said that having certified potatoes significantly improves what is going to be produced in the province and of course the price for the benefit of farmers. "It is a satisfactory experience that allows improving quality and production and that enables producers to produce at a very good level."

In the same sense, the Biobío agriculture seremi, Francisco Lagos, highlighted that the execution of the INIA project "increasing the productivity of potato cultivation" benefits peasant family farming and represents a new source of income for qualified producers to produce and sell certified seed potato. He added that this is a great achievement for the province of Arauco and that it helps to improve the quality of life of producers.

Considerable increase in income

Enrique González, head of Prodesal Los Álamos explained the impact of producing certified seed on producers. He argued that producing 0.2 hectares of certified potato seed, in economic terms is equivalent to producing 2 hectares of potatoes for consumption. “The difference in prices are abysmal. Producing certified seed corresponds to three or four times more income for the farmer ”.

Fredy Muñoz, producer of certified potato seed.

One of the producers recognized for obtaining certification together with the INIA Cañete potato GTT was Fredy Muñoz, who pointed out the importance of producing certified potato seed since "one obtains a greater economic benefit with less physical effort". He explained that irrigating the 10 hectares that he normally used to produce potato for consumption turns out to be very sacrificing. "It is much easier to work with 1 or 2 hectares of certified seed and obtain more profitability." Along with this, the producer also highlighted the human support of the advisory team since "they are constantly telling us you can, you can".

The galvanos delivery ceremony also included a summary of the project management that gave rise to the recognition of the producers, in its first season of execution, which had as an exhibitor the INIA official Alfonso Valenzuela.

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