In an internal meeting, the Regional Director of INIA Carillanca Ivette Seguel and the Commercial Executive Director of Soprodi Rodrigo Mazuela, signed an important framework agreement for the development of joint activities in various areas, mainly linked to the lupine sector. The company executives and the INIA grain legume breeder and creator of the Alboroto INIA variety, Dr. Mario Mera, participated in the opportunity.

CS240117-01The agreement will allow INIA Carillanca to provide Soprodi with C2 seed of the Alboroto-INIA sweet lupine variety so that said company may establish planting contracts with farmers in La Araucanía and other regions, in addition to providing this seed for agronomic tests carried out by the company in places of interest. The foregoing will be carried out through annual contracts made through INIA's Technological Inputs unit.

Not a minor issue is INIA's technical support to advise the technical teams, through which Soprodi establishes contracts with farmers for the planting of Alboroto-INIA sweet lupine; alliances are established between the entities already mentioned and regional universities in the search for adding value to the sweet lupine grain. “This collaboration will allow the elaboration of projects to be presented to competitive funds. In addition, joint activities similar to those described above for lupine may be extended to other species where common interests arise for both, such as oats, or wheat, for example ”, commented Ivette Seguel, Regional Director of INIA Carillanca.,

To monitor the different activities defined by the agreement, a board of directors will be defined, made up of executives from Soprodi and INIA, who will define annual joint work plans for a period of three years; They will coordinate activities such as the development of proposals for the application of external resources planned within the framework agreement or others that arise during its development and will evaluate the achievement of the objectives.

It should be noted that Soprodi SA is the parent company of a group of companies with a presence in Chile and abroad, whose activities are developed in the field of animal and human nutrition. “Our mission is to be the leading supplier in Chile and the southern cone of America of products and services related to animal and human nutrition, in order to optimize food processing and thus satisfy customers through the quality of the products. products and services offered ”, commented Mazuela.

About INIA
The Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA) is the main agricultural research institution in Chile, dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture, with a national presence from Arica to Magallanes, through its 10 Regional Centers, as well as technical offices and experimental centers in each one of the regions of the country.

Its mission is to generate and transfer knowledge and strategic technologies on a global scale, to produce innovation and improve the competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

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