INIA Remehue held four coaching workshops for producers from Mafil, Río Bueno, Corral and Valdivia, within the framework of the Los Ríos Horticultural Node.

With the aim of providing tools that allow farmers to have the necessary autonomy to start and develop their agricultural businesses successfully, the INIA Remehue Regional Research Center, through its Horticultural Node, carried out various coaching activities with small farmers.

Josué Martínez - Lagos, Agricultural Engineer M.Sc. of INIA Remehue, who is director of the Horticultural Node for the Los Ríos Region, explained that “these workshops allowed for profitable participatory sessions to strengthen entrepreneurial skills focused on autonomy, so that producers could recognize the level of development of their entrepreneurial skills, thus helping them to focus on results, providing them with tools to face challenges, guiding them in identifying risks and motivating them to persevere in their future entrepreneurial actions, with a view of teamwork that allows achieving the productive development of the horticultural sector of the territory".

Remehue AFC3 TrainingThese workshops were developed thanks to the contribution of CORFO and the Innovation Fund for Competitiveness (FIC-R), where an outstanding participation of farmers was observed, who regardless of their age, internalized the concepts and importance of entrepreneurship and autonomy for the management of their properties. The foregoing is part of the Government guidelines for agriculture, betting on the incorporation of knowledge and tools for the improvement of human capital in agriculture.

Coach Karen Müller, psychologist and rapporteur for the workshops, said that “I always marvel at the capacity that adults have to learn through play, to reflect and broaden understanding and to deepen self-knowledge by sharing with others. That is why I carry out training from the practice of coaching and learning by experience. I collect words that were shared by farmers from the Horticultural Node for the Los Ríos region in the conferences we held in Máfil, Corral, Río Bueno and Valdivia this week. Phrases like 'I'm thinking', 'I'm happy, wanting to continue playing and learning', 'I liked getting to know more people I always see, but who barely said hello… now it makes me want to do things together ”.

The team of the horticultural node also took advantage of the instance to invite the producers and representatives of the INDAP technical teams to visit the node's website which is where they can obtain horticultural information material and information on the other activities carried out within the framework of the project.

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