The INIA Regional Research Center Tamel Aike is named after the Tehuelche word meaning “Pure place”. It has been known as such since 1994, date in which the old Aysen Experimental Substation is consolidated.

Tamel Aike has a sphere of influence in the ecosystems of the Aysén Region, which corresponds to the Chilean Western Patagonia. Its headquarters are located in the Coyhaique province and its experimental headquarters are located 28 km to the southwest of the city of Coyhaique in the area known as Simpson Valley, inside the Intermediate Zone of Aysén.

In 1995, a technical office was established in Chile Chico as to carry out development and research work in the basin of the General Carrera Lake regarding the fruit and vegetables sector, and projects in the fruit species and cold areas microclimate vegetables sector.

The main headquarters of INIA Tamel Aike have a 201 hectares surface which is dedicated to various research and development activities in the agricultural and environmental area. This place houses offices and facilities for carrying out research and development projects such as laboratories and physical resources, animals and vegetables

Las Lengas 1450, Coyhaique

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